Mere setting the goals and objectives is not enough. This has to be followed by constant endeavour and hence is always committed to utilize the cooperation and services of all concerned in carrying out its selfless and dedicated effort towards translating the goals and objectives into meaningful realities. This is what embodies the mission of the college. 
Besides, the mission of the college is as much guided by its vision and by its goals and objectives. And while the goals and objectives warrant immediate attention the vision calls for a looking ahead about the institution. We cherish a vision about our college that embodies the following (dimensions) to be achieved by it in the long run. 
  1. To transform in a phased manner, the college into a fully residential institution. 
  2. To tap the hugely scattered human resources through the mode of distance education. 
  3. To elevate the college to a PG level institution. 
  4. To expand and explore the research and consultancy potential to the optimum degree. 
  5. To build a full-fledged sports infrastructure to complement measures for academic excellence. 
  6. To effectively utilize the fruits of information technology in the teaching-learning experience.
Principal's Message
Quality education is the key to all round development of a society.Out of all levels of education, college education plays....