Very simple and straightforward are the goals and objectives of the institution encapsulated by the founding fathers way back in 1974. While the basic character of these pristine goals remains intact, the same have been redefined in tune with the current yardsticks of Higher Education. The goals and objectives can be stated thus: 
  • To provide Higher Education to the society. 
  • To modernize the society by using knowledge and its application as a tool for social development. 
  • To provide quality education to the students and thereby equip them with the necessary skills and know-how to face the diverse challenges of time. 
  • To provide the right kind of leadership to the youths. 
  • To inculcate the values of good citizenship and community service in the students. 
  • To strive to tap the ever- expanding frontiers of knowledge and information technology in the creation and spread of education. 
  • To emphasize on the productive utility of the programmes offered and to break new grounds in this direction. 
  • To elevate the college to a centre of excellence.

Principal's Message
Quality education is the key to all round development of a society.Out of all levels of education, college education plays....